I’m Angela Shcheglov, a wedding photographer, based in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Becoming a photographer happened completely by accident for me. I didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming an artist or photographer, quite the opposite actually. I was headed into the medical field and thought being an artist was a silly career. However, during my first term in college, a professor lent me a digital SLR for a couple months. So while I was applying for the dental program, I would spend hours wondering around downtown and taking photos. I couldn’t put the camera down. I didn’t tell anyone about this passion growing inside me – it was just my happy place. Fast forward a couple years, I had switched majors to graphic design and had launched my company in 2010 – first as Eminence Photography which later became Angela Shae.

I consider myself blessed to have a job I love so much. For me, photography is art and storytelling. With every image that I capture, I strive to evoke emotion and tell a story. I love weddings and couples in love. Often times, you can catch  me tearing up behind my camera during the emotional parts of the weddings I shoot.

When I’m not behind the camera, my every day life revolves around my family. I’m happily married to my best friend, who has helped me grow in many ways and has been such a huge support system for me. I’m a proud mama to two handsome boys, Liam and Aiden. They are the sweetest kids and I can’t imagine life without them.

I love Portland – spending lazy Saturdays wondering around the different districts and drinking coffee. God is my everything. I believe in a higher calling, a deeper meaning to life. I want to change the world, influence people in a positive way, touch the lives that come in contact with me, and help those in need – but I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

Follow my personal instagram to see a snippet of my daily life and my business instagram for current work.
Photos above by Daniel Usenko Photography.

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