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An English EngagementLondon, United Kingdom

The minute I walked out onto Oxford Circle metro station and had my first encounter with the beautiful city, I fell head over heels for this gem. I remember being so taken aback by everything I was seeing in the first moments, that I just stopped and stood there in the middle of the street trying to take in the fact that I’m finally in London and it’s even more breathtaking than I expected. Photographing romance, amazing gowns and the stunning architecture was a dream! I also got to shoot some of my first rolls of film on a medium format camera, which made me even more ecstatic! Below is a combination of film and digital photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope this post inspires you to plan your own adventure to London.

Gowns: Katya Katya Shehurina

Lovers: Charlotta & George

Hair and Make up: Neha Make Up Artist 

Flowers: Wild at Heart

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Sasha & JuliaSmith Rock, Oregon

When another photographer trusts you to photograph their engagement, it’s truly an honor and a humbling experience. Sasha of You + We Photography has been a dear friend for years and someone who’s work I’ve admired for a long time. Julia is extra special because she is honestly one of the sweetest humans I know! Not even joking. She’s got a kind heart, she’s full of grace and I just really love her. Julia is also a really talented makeup artist with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working on numerous shoots and weddings. I was thrilled to capture this special time for them and their sweet love towards each other!

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Maryna & Daniel

I’m feeling all sorts of giddy and ecstatic about M + D tying the knot! There’s so much I want to say about these two and share with the rest of you my happy and joyous feelings about their upcoming big day, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Daniel and Maryna are both my good friends. I loved watching their friendship grow into something so beautiful and tender. They are perfect for each other.
When I was just starting out in photography, Daniel was my biggest inspiration; Now years later, when Dan and Maryna asked me to shoot their wedding, I can’t fathom the emotions I underwent. At first I thought I read the message wrong, after all, Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Pixellu and is constantly surrounded by some of the nations’s best photographers not to mention has so many talented friends in the industry. I was stunned and surprised, humbled and slightly nervous but mostly just over the moon excited! Last week, they came down and we took photos around Portland. Hair and Makeup, as well as all the styling was done by the incredible Julia with Makeup Jewel. She’s really the best! In just two days, they’ll be married. Cheers!



Max & Galina

I met Max and Galina over 3 years ago, before these two were even married; we hit it off almost instantly and have become good friends. Max is a phenomenal cinematographer and photographer whose work I admire and Galina is just the sweetest thing- so you can image how excited I was when they asked me to photograph them. I had so much fun shooting these two- too bad the sunset so fast, otherwise I would have kept shooting for another couple hours… Here are a few from that day…




Rita & Serge

One of the most relaxing shoots I have done in a long while! We didn’t have anything specific planned or locations picked out… just went out to the country and it all came together perfectly! I’ve been wanting to shoot with a lonely tree in the field for a long time and we spotted the perfect tree! We even got a beautiful horse to pose with us! Also very grateful to have had Luda assisting me on this shoot.


Gina and Slavik

What a fun and sweet engagement session it was with these two! So in love and giggly the whole time… they were so natural in front of the camera. The shoot was simple and relaxed as we strolled through the streets near Nob Hill, in Portland. We even found a darling community garden to play in! Here are just a few images from that sunny, fall day.

Styling by Kae of Short & Sweet Design

Makeup by Julia Nesterenko of Makeup Jewel


winter romance

ahh Matt and Sarah! what a sweet couple! i just couldn’t get enough pictures of them…if not the snow storm, i’m sure i’d be shooting for while longer… lol… things don’t always go as planned, and while the weather forecast kept promising us sunshine with a bit of snow, nature had other plans… we got hit with a snowstorm :) but Matt and Sarah were so great about it! the atmosphere and energy around them was everything i could have hoped for… laughter, giggles, playfulness, sweetness, romance and love…  love the way these photos turned out and i’m so looking forward to being part of their special day! enjoy!

Laura & Kyle

One of my favorite engagement sessions- I loved the way everything came together. Perfect light, relaxed and giggly couple, lovely location and such a fun theme. I was super excited when Laura said they’d want something very pacific northwest inspired for their engagement session and gave me lots of freedom to help with the styling. I’m always worried to ‘over-style’ and I want to photos to have a very natural feel. I think we were able to do that with this session. So here’s a real pacific northwest couple for you, who love hiking and everything outdoorsy.


Max & Lida

No matter how many times I’ve been to Pacific City, it’s still my favorite place in the world. The beauty of this place makes my head spin and my soul connects with God in a special way. The area is majestic and peaceful. I really wish I could shoot all my engagement sessions here, that would be a dream! This session was even more dreamy than anticipated due to the unexpected fog we encountered, and even though we didn’t get a warm sunny glow, I was happy to be working in that haze. These two people are really special to my heart. Max is my husband’s best friend and has been there for Vlad long before me. Six years ago, I made a promise to myself that I’d never stand in the way of their friendship and I’d do whatever it takes to let my husband have his ‘bro-time’ as much as I can. Friends like that come along only once in a life time and we cherish that. Vlad and I are so excited to see Max tie the knot later this month and couldn’t be happier for him. Here are a few snaps from their engagement session-