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Marina & George Santorini elopementSantorini, Greece

Ah! Where do I start? Santorini is like no-place I have been before! The little island is beautiful and calm. The tiny streets are charming and time seems to stand still. The white and blue color palette sets a serene mood and puts the mind at ease. What a romantic setting! Marina and George couldn’t have picked a better location to commit their love to one another. After the first look and a few family photos with their adorable baby, the two hiked up the Skaros rock in the tiny town of Imerovigli. Marina’s best friend officiated an intimate ceremony and the two exchanged heartfelt vows. Surrounded by nature and incredible views of caldera, Marina and George tied the knot. As the sun set, a lone saxophone played and the two danced on the mountain, with the city on the cliff behind them. How magical?!

Below is a collection of both film and digital photos from Santorini. 

Wedding coordinating and florals by Santo Weddings by MK

Wedding stationery and calligraphy by Hey Halle

santorini01 santorini02 santorini03 santorini04 santorini05 santorini06 santorini07 santorini08 santorini09 santorini10 santorini11 santorini12 santorini13 santorini14 santorini15 santorini16 santorini17 santorini18 santorini20 santorini21 santorini22 santorini23 santorini25 santorini26 santorini27 santorini28 santorini29 santorini30 santorini31 santorini32 santorini33 santorini34 santorini37 santorini38 santorini39 santorini40 santorini41 santorini42 santorini43 santorini44 santorini47 santorini48 santorini49 santorini50 santorini51 santorini52 santorini53 santorini54 santorini55 santorini56 santorini58 santorini59

Chloe & Jean – Paris ElopementParis, France

So excited to share this blog post! The post is long, but bear with me. I had so many favorite images from this session that I just couldn’t narrow them down. Half of the photos are shot on medium format film and the other half on digital. Shooting on film in Paris has been my dream forever and these turned out to be some of my all-time favorite photos. These photographs narrate a story about a couple crazy in love, in the most romantic city in the world. Chloe and Jean are absolutely adorable and their love is seriously contagious. This is a story about real love; Passionate, giggly and tender. 

The elopement story-

Before seeing Jean for the first time that morning, Chloe has a sweet letter delivered to him in which she expresses her love and the dreams she has for them in a lifetime of together. The couple arrange to meet at the Louvre Museum for their first look. The day starts off with tight and happy embraces followed by a couple portrait photos. The two then head to the promenade near the Eiffel tower where a quick ceremony takes place. The sweethearts read their heartfelt vows to each other and share a slow first dance. The elopement ceremony takes place early in the morning, letting the two of them share their special moments without tourist interference and distractions. It’s absolutely perfect. After the official part is over, the newlyweds roam the streets of Paris. The city is quiet and magical. Darling Chloe can’t stop giggling. They stop at a cafe for lunch. A vintage Vespa with a ‘Just Married’ banner is used to get around town. The two head on over to their beautiful honeymoon suite which has the loveliest terrance and charming views. What a great way to end the most wonderful day! This is what Parisian dreams are made of! A beautiful, invitation suit with hand torn edges and wax seals, created and designed by Rachel Jacobson is sent out to close friends and family for a small reception to follow at home once they get back from their honeymoon. 

Wedding planning and coordinating by amazing Dorothee of DLG Paris

Stationery suite and calligraphy by Rachel Jacobson

Hair and Makeup by Makeup Paris

Gown by Mira Zwillinger

Shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Models Chloe & Jean 

paris01 paris02 paris03 paris04 paris05 paris06 paris07 paris08 paris09 paris10 paris11 paris13 paris14 paris15 paris16 paris17 paris18 paris19 paris20 paris21 paris22 paris23 paris24 paris25 paris26 paris27 paris28 paris29 paris30 paris31 paris32 paris33 paris34 paris35 paris36 paris37 paris38 paris39 paris40 paris41 paris42 paris43 paris44 paris45 paris46 paris47 paris48 paris49 paris50 paris51 paris52 paris53 paris54 paris55 paris56 paris57 paris58 paris59 paris60 paris61 paris62 paris63 paris64 paris65

Angie & MikeGranite Bay, California

The most darling couple and a beautiful day! It was truly an honor to be in Granite Bay, California and celebrate the love these two share! The day was filled with laughter and tight hugs, and a good dose of emotional tears. The ceremony setting (although a bit hot and sunny) was enchanting with the big trees enclosing the space. The garden style reception was the perfect way to end the day. I loved all the thoughtful detail throughout the day. Can you imagine that all the vintage fine china used at the wedding was collected by the bride herself over the course of two years?! So much pretty at this wedding but mostly just lots and lots of love all around! I also had my medium format film camera with me at this wedding and had a chance to shoot a couple rolls. Film photos sprinkled in with the digital ones in the post below.

Wedding Coordinator- For the love of parties

Bridal Gown and bridesmaid dresses- BHLDN

Getting ready robes- Plum Pretty Sugar

Make Up- Lana Tkachev

Assistant Photographer- Irina Turkova

Cinematographer- Splendent Films

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Olga & VitaliyApple Hill, CA

This wedding was a dream! First of all, I love California, I love the Californian sun, the yellow countryside, the beautiful valleys and vineyards so shooting in Apple Hill was pretty great. Also this wedding was everything I adore- lots of lushes greens in the decor, soft color palette, intimate garden setting, thought-through details, and just insanely Pinterest perfect. I had the most difficult time narrowing the photos down to just a handful to share, so this post is extra long. So without further-ado, here it is.

Venue: High Sierra Iris & Wedding Gardens
Coordinator: Anna Tkachuk
Rental Company: Simple Country Weddings
Second Photographer: Irina Turkov

vitaly-olga01 vitaly-olga02 vitaly-olga03 vitaly-olga04 vitaly-olga05 vitaly-olga06 vitaly-olga07 vitaly-olga08 vitaly-olga09 vitaly-olga10 vitaly-olga11 vitaly-olga12 vitaly-olga13 vitaly-olga14 vitaly-olga15 vitaly-olga16 vitaly-olga17 vitaly-olga18 vitaly-olga19 vitaly-olga20 vitaly-olga21 vitaly-olga22 vitaly-olga23 vitaly-olga24 vitaly-olga26 vitaly-olga27 vitaly-olga28 vitaly-olga29 vitaly-olga31 vitaly-olga32 vitaly-olga33 vitaly-olga34 vitaly-olga37 vitaly-olga38 vitaly-olga39 vitaly-olga40 vitaly-olga41 vitaly-olga42 vitaly-olga43 vitaly-olga44 vitaly-olga45 vitaly-olga46 vitaly-olga47 vitaly-olga48 vitaly-olga49 vitaly-olga50 vitaly-olga51 vitaly-olga52 vitaly-olga53 vitaly-olga54 vitaly-olga55 vitaly-olga56 vitaly-olga57 vitaly-olga58 vitaly-olga59 vitaly-olga60 vitaly-olga61 vitaly-olga62 vitaly-olga63 vitaly-olga64 vitaly-olga65 vitaly-olga66 vitaly-olga67 vitaly-olga68 vitaly-olga70 vitaly-olga71 vitaly-olga72 vitaly-olga73 vitaly-olga74 vitaly-olga75 vitaly-olga76 vitaly-olga77 vitaly-olga78 vitaly-olga79 vitaly-olga80 vitaly-olga81 vitaly-olga82

Sarah & ChrisPortland, OR

Everything about this session on Suavie Island with Sarah and Chris was exactly what I had hoped for! The scenery was calm and beautiful. We had glittering sunlight as well as a dramatic sky, the combination of both gave us fun variety. I’ve dreamed of doing a shoot by a weeping willow for a long time, and when we came across this one, there was no way I was going to let the opportunity slip away. There’s just too many favorites I have from this shoot and it was so hard to pick a few to share!
Hair & Makeup by Nicole Wagner with Powder Inc.

sarah_chris01 sarah_chris02 sarah_chris03 sarah_chris04 sarah_chris05 sarah_chris06 sarah_chris07 sarah_chris08 sarah_chris09 sarah_chris10 sarah_chris11 sarah_chris12 sarah_chris13 sarah_chris14 sarah_chris15 sarah_chris16 sarah_chris17 sarah_chris18 sarah_chris19 sarah_chris20 sarah_chris21 sarah_chris22 sarah_chris23 sarah_chris24 sarah_chris25 sarah_chris26 sarah_chris27 sarah_chris28 sarah_chris29

Nelly & Joel

This wedding is a special one for so many different reasons and the main one being that the bride is one of my closest friends; she was actually one of my bridesmaids six years ago! I grew up admiring Nelly- first for her beautiful hair when we were in elementary school and later on for some many other reasons, from her love for Math, which I couldn’t comprehend to her natural ability to make people feel so comfortable when hosting summer night hang outs. She was (and is!) always a good listener and the last to judge, which made talking about everything in the world so easy, especially during those rough teenage years. Oh wow, this blog intro is turning into something very personal.
I always say I love to travel and getting to come out to Maui for the first time was a dream. I had planned to arrive a couple days earlier and stay a few days after the wedding. My husband and I were long over-due for a vacation, so I invited him to join me on this trip, especially since it fell on his birthday weekend, and I eagerly waited for May. I crafted a big list of things I wanted to do and see on the island aside from the wedding and the second day shoot we had planned, which was supposed to happen at the summit of Haleakala mountain at sunrise. Many of you already know what happened on the trip, (I usually regularly post about my work/personal life on my instagram account) so I won’t go into much detail on the blog. Two days after we landed in Maui I ended up in the emergency room with a spontaneously collapsed lung. After being diagnosed, I checked myself out of the hospital, ignoring the fact that I should be going into surgery and shot this wedding the following day. In lots of pain, but running on adrenaline, I was grateful that the situation wasn’t worse and that I was able to walk and hold a camera. The following day, after another visit to the doctor, we did the second day shoot, but unfortunately my condition did not permit us to go up to the summit, so we settled for tropical scenery and sunset on the beach. Long story short, I ended up having surgery on the island and staying there for a total of 25 days waiting to recover and get cleared to fly home. This is defiantly one for the history books!

Calligraphy & Stationery: Graceline Art
Venue: Gannon’s
Flowers: Bella Bloom


Tabitha & Trevor

Tabitha always dreamed of a fairytale, princess wedding, and when it came to planning her wedding, she knew that it needed to be in a castle. Thornewood Castle in Seattle, Washington was the perfect setting for her dream wedding. I mean really, it couldn’t get better than that! The location was amazing! I enjoyed all the lovely antique decor, the gold accents, the beautiful painting, the statues, the gardens and the architecture was something else! Tabitha added purple details to go along with the royal theme and her embroidered gown set the perfect mood. The wedding was very intimate and relaxed. Huge thanks to Michael Movsesov for taking me to shoot this wedding with him.



Katie & Ben

Lovely wedding right outside Chicago in the beautiful Acquaviva Winery. The ceremony was outside in a very intimate and gorgeous setting. The officiant was unaware of the huge clouds rolling in behind him and the couple and calmly went about the ceremony, while all guests were worried about whether he would finish in time or not. Minutes after the couple was pronounced husband and wife the area was hit by a huge storm. Most guests made it undercover safety but it sure made for great stories and dramatic photos. Lucky the reception was indoors and the ambience was super romantic with soft light and many candles. Being together was defiantly fate for these two because Katie somehow ended up being at Ben’s 9th birthday party even though they were not friends at that time. Katie and Ben share something beautiful and I was lucky to be the one photographing their special day. Their love for each other made me want to love my spouse more and become a sweeter and more caring person.

Second Photographer: Daniel Usenko

Hair: Salon Agape

Make Up Artist: Cynthia Sally from Blend Beauty

Florals: Forget-Me-Not-Flowers