Marina & George Santorini elopementSantorini, Greece

Ah! Where do I start? Santorini is like no-place I have been before! The little island is beautiful and calm. The tiny streets are charming and time seems to stand still. The white and blue color palette sets a serene mood and puts the mind at ease. What a romantic setting! Marina and George couldn’t have picked a better location to commit their love to one another. After the first look and a few family photos with their adorable baby, the two hiked up the Skaros rock in the tiny town of Imerovigli. Marina’s best friend officiated an intimate ceremony and the two exchanged heartfelt vows. Surrounded by nature and incredible views of caldera, Marina and George tied the knot. As the sun set, a lone saxophone played and the two danced on the mountain, with the city on the cliff behind them. How magical?!

Below is a collection of both film and digital photos from Santorini. 

Wedding coordinating and florals by Santo Weddings by MK

Wedding stationery and calligraphy by Hey Halle

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