Sasha & JuliaSmith Rock, Oregon

When another photographer trusts you to photograph their engagement, it’s truly an honor and a humbling experience. Sasha of You + We Photography has been a dear friend for years and someone who’s work I’ve admired for a long time. Julia is extra special because she is honestly one of the sweetest humans I know! Not even joking. She’s got a kind heart, she’s full of grace and I just really love her. Julia is also a really talented makeup artist with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working on numerous shoots and weddings. I was thrilled to capture this special time for them and their sweet love towards each other!

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  • Aida G. said:

    Just amazing!!! They are beautiful and you can FEEL the wind blowing and the life in the pictures. Julia is a dear friend and she is literally the sweetest and most graceful! These photos are beautiful, well done!