How do I give you access to our account?

Keeping your account protected is very important to us. We prefer that you send us your password via This is a safe and secure method of transferring sensitive information.

How do I trust you with my account? How do I make sure you don’t steal my account and keep it hostage?

It is understandable to have that concern. You are the owner of the email tied to the account. You’ll receive an email with any suspicious activity, such as password changes. You can also reset the password using the ‘forgot password’ option, in the case that you are unable to log into the account. Additionally, I cannot change the email tied to the account, because I would need access to your email, which I don’t have.

How often do you respond to comments throughout the day?

We regularly keep an eye on all account activity throughout the day; however, we do not guarantee immediate response. We try our best to make sure all comments and messages are responded to by the end of the day.

Tell me more about how you handle responding to direct messages on Instagram.

Although we schedule and post content to your account, we always encourage an authentic relationship with your followers. We will gladly respond to messages with specific questions about booking a future session, pricing, etc. with pre-written ‘quick replies’. We will flag any questions that require a personal reply from the owner of the account and bring them to your attention.

Do you only manage photographers’ Instagram accounts?

At this time we are only managing photography accounts. However, if you’re a creative that has many galleries of gorgeous photos, send us a message and we can discuss further!

What will this process look like?

The first step is to set up a Planoly account and download the app. We will then need access to either a predetermined set of photos you would like us to showcase, or galleries for us to choose from. We recommend for allowing us access to your portfolio.

We will spend the next few days using the photos to create visual layout via Planoly. Once you are satisfied with the layout, we will craft captions for each photo subject to your approval.

The final step is to build a schedule for the Instagram stories for that month. When that is locked in, your Instagram will be completely taken care of!

How long does it take to set everything up?

Like anything worth investing into, the first few weeks will need your attention. We ask that you’re patient with us as we learn the voice of your brand and get a better understanding of what photos you like to showcase most. The transition should only take 1-2 weeks.

I see on the pricing breakdown that you only post 6 days a week.

That’s correct! We have decided to implement a day of rest in our busy lifestyle. We take Sunday off to rest, recharge, and send time being present with our family and friends. We believe that thanks to a day of rest, we are able to do a better job throughout the week and deliver better results.

What do I need to do to get started?

Send a message via the contact form on this site and we will get in touch with you shortly!